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RTV411 – 141 – Week 6

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Welcome to the RTV411 – Winter 2014, fourth week of production. Be sure to select the “Register” from the right hand side, if you have yet to register, select “login” if you have. Be sure to use your “” user name. If you have any questions, please send me an email

Thanks and enjoy!


Commercial 1 – Christyna Chung
[starratingmulti id=1 tpl=12]

Commercial 2 – Kate Church
[starratingmulti id=2 tpl=12]

Commercial 3 – Lauren Convery
[starratingmulti id=3 tpl=12]


Promo 1 – OJ Williams
[starratingmulti id=7 tpl=12]

Promo 2 – Marty Yan
[starratingmulti id=9 tpl=12]

Promo 3 – Chris Zubac
[starratingmulti id=10 tpl=12]


PSA 1 – Andy Plomp
[starratingmulti id=14 tpl=12]

PSA 2 – Alex Saragosa
[starratingmulti id=15 tpl=12]

PSA 3 – Geremy Schlesinger
[starratingmulti id=16 tpl=12]


ID 1 – Nathan Greavette
[starratingmulti id=20 tpl=12]

ID 2 – Stephen Hannesen
[starratingmulti id=21 tpl=12]

ID 3 – Connor Jackson
[starratingmulti id=22 tpl=12]

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