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RTV411 – 161 – Week 6 & 7

Posted in Week 06, and Week 07

Welcome to the RTV411 for the Winter Semester of 2016.

New site, new layout and same great advice… Be sure to select the “Register” from the right hand side, if you have yet to register, select “login” if you have. Be sure to use your “” user name. If you have any questions, please send me an email

If you are having any issues with this site.. please let me know right away.



Commercial 1 – Ryan Furnish

[starratingmulti id=1 tpl=12]

Commercial 2 – Amiel Grant
[starratingmulti id=2 tpl=12]

Commercial 3 – Garrit Holmes
[starratingmulti id=3 tpl=12]

Commercial 4 – Hamza Kayali
[starratingmulti id=4 tpl=12]

Commercial 5 – Keyshawn Kistoo
[starratingmulti id=5 tpl=12]


Promo 1 – Hilary Sherrard
[starratingmulti id=7 tpl=12]

Promo 2 – Sherlet Trimmingham
[starratingmulti id=9 tpl=12]

Promo 3 – Michael Ventrella
[starratingmulti id=10 tpl=12]

Promo 4 – Elizabeth Chow
[starratingmulti id=11 tpl=12]


PSA 1 – Chase McGauran
[starratingmulti id=14 tpl=12]

PSA 2 – Matthew Pedvis
[starratingmulti id=15 tpl=12]

PSA 3 – Mary Quilao
[starratingmulti id=16 tpl=12]

PSA 4 – Brandon Ross
[starratingmulti id=17 tpl=12]

PSA 5 – Jory Simon
[starratingmulti id=18 tpl=12]

PSA 6 – Eyob Skinder
[starratingmulti id=19 tpl=12]

PSA 7 – Natalya Tegza
[starratingmulti id=36 tpl=12]

PSA 8 – Navjot Virk
[starratingmulti id=37 tpl=12]


ID 1 – Romika Leslie
[starratingmulti id=20 tpl=12]

ID 2 – Johny Little
[starratingmulti id=21 tpl=12]

ID 3 – Brendan Manna
[starratingmulti id=22 tpl=12]

ID 4 – Roxeen Martin
[starratingmulti id=23 tpl=12]

ID 5 – Chase McGauran
[starratingmulti id=24 tpl=12]

ID 6 – Nicko Monte
[starratingmulti id=25 tpl=12]

ID 7 – Kayla Pappaianni
[starratingmulti id=26 tpl=12]

If you wish, vote on the overall production of this weeks production, or add your comments below