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RTV311 – 143 – Week 6

Posted in Week 06

Welcome to the RTV311 for the Fall Semester and our third week of production. Be sure to select the “Register” from the right hand side, if you have yet to register, select “login” if you have. Be sure to use your “” user name. If you have any questions, please send me an email

Thanks and enjoy!


Commercial 1 – Diego Perez
[starratingmulti id=1 tpl=12]

Commercial 2 – David Elisio
[starratingmulti id=2 tpl=12]

Commercial 3 – Matt Goodison
[starratingmulti id=3 tpl=12]


Promo 1 – Tyauna Watson
[starratingmulti id=7 tpl=12]

Promo 2 – Alex Wilson
[starratingmulti id=9 tpl=12]

Promo 3 – Noy Caspi
[starratingmulti id=10 tpl=12]

Promo 4 – Marlon Chatrie
[starratingmulti id=11 tpl=12]

Promo 5 – Chris Chubb
[starratingmulti id=12 tpl=12]

Promo 6 – Brandon Owusu
[starratingmulti id=13 tpl=12]

Promo 7 – Nicole Feig
[starratingmulti id=34 tpl=12]

Promo 8 – Jayde Gordon
[starratingmulti id=35 tpl=12]


PSA 1 – Ravil Moldakhmetov-v2
[starratingmulti id=14 tpl=12]

PSA 2 – Natalie Silvera
[starratingmulti id=15 tpl=12]

PSA 3 – Fayth Starr
[starratingmulti id=16 tpl=12]

PSA 4 – Shaina Thompson
[starratingmulti id=17 tpl=12]

PSA 5 – Jasmine Toporowski
[starratingmulti id=18 tpl=12]


ID 1 – Shannique Lawrence
[starratingmulti id=20 tpl=12]

ID 2 – Drake Lees
[starratingmulti id=21 tpl=12]

ID 3 – Kevin Macdonell
[starratingmulti id=22 tpl=12]

ID 4 – Doug McQuaker
[starratingmulti id=23 tpl=12]

If you wish, vote on the overall production of this weeks production, or add your comments below