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Month: January 2013

RTV411 – 131- Week 4

Posted in Week 04

Welcome to the second week of production in the RTV411 class of 131 (2013 semester 1, or the Winter semester!) Be sure to select the “Register” from the right hand side, if you have yet to register, select “login” if you have. Be sure to use your “” user name. If you have any questions, please send me an email

Thanks and enjoy!


Commercial 1 – Ashley Box104-Ashley Box
[starratingmulti id=1 tpl=12]


Promo 1 – Enver Siguencia205-Enver Siguencia
[starratingmulti id=7 tpl=12]

Promo 2 – Sean Sollazzo206-Sean Sollazzo
[starratingmulti id=9 tpl=12]


PSA 1 – Kyle Koivisto300-Kyle Koivisto
[starratingmulti id=14 tpl=12]

PSA 2 – Rob McWhinnie305-Rob McWhinnie
[starratingmulti id=15 tpl=12]

PSA 3 – Ryan Page306-Ryan Page
[starratingmulti id=16 tpl=12]

PSA 4 – Richard Pimenoff307-Richard Pimenoff
[starratingmulti id=17 tpl=12]


ID 1 – Jeremy Forcier404- Jeremy Forcier
[starratingmulti id=20 tpl=12]

ID 2 – Arielle Giblon405-Arielle Giblon
[starratingmulti id=21 tpl=12]

ID 3 – Kyle Glover406-Kyle Glover
[starratingmulti id=22 tpl=12]

ID 4 – Natasha Shivraj424-Natasha Shivraj
[starratingmulti id=23 tpl=12]

If you wish, vote on the overall production of this weeks production, or add your comments below