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RTV311 – 163 – Week 14

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Welcome to the RTV411 for the Winter Semester of 2017.

New site, new layout and same great adviceā€¦ Be sure to select the “Register” from the left hand side, if you have yet to register, select “login” if you have. Be sure to use your “” user name. If you have any questions, please send me an email

If you are having any issues with this site.. please let me know right away.



Commercial 1 – Paul O’Reilly
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Commercial 2 – Kanixa Silva
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=1]

Commercial 3 – Jordanna Tumilty
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=2]

Commercial 4 – Scott Wachter
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Promo 1 – Nick Tough
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=12]

Promo 2 – Paul O’Reilly
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=13]

Promo 3 – Nathan Read
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=14]

Promo 4 – Kanixa Silva
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=15]


PSA 1 – Nick Tough
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=0]

PSA 2 – Rickell Mcintosh
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=0]

PSA 3 – Ibrahim Michael
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ID 1 – Nick Tough
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=0]

ID 2 – John Chandra
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=0]

ID 3 – Benjamin Correale
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=0]

ID 4 – Francesco DiGianfelice
[yasr_visitor_multiset setid=0]

ID 5 – Jesse Gilbreath
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If you wish, vote on the overall production of this weeks production, or add your comments below